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About Us

HODY BERRY - that's the quality of juice! This is the name of the best juice!


Our Products

Cold pressed, pasteurized 100% natural juice. No added sugar, water and preservatives.


Our Mission

We believe that there is nothing better than a good lifestyle, and it is only achieved when we are healthy.


100% Quality

Our products are BIO certified. We carry the fruits of nature into your home.


Aronia is a little known but extremely useful fruit. It is rich in vitamins that support metabolic processes in the body.


Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals and are an excellent source of fiber. The fruit can easily be included in almost any diet.


Raspberries have a pleasant taste, its fruits are rich in useful for the body acids, sugars and other valuable substances.

More about us

We have planted and grown every new little tree, as our baby, and so year after year we already have some mature and fruitful plantings. From the creation of the first aronia plantation in 2005 to the present, we have not stopped accumulating our knowledge in the field of organic fruit growing.

In the production of our juices, we select the best apple varieties and the best quality fruits at full maturity! The fruits are hand-sorted, cleaned and thoroughly washed before they enter the juice boxes for your holiday, lunch or dinner with your family!